The Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Businesses like IPA Applications and others like Elderwerks use social media marketing platforms daily to grow their audience and promote their brands. While it seems easy enough, few social media marketing tools stand out. These tools can save time, work at the stroke of a button, and get your brand to the next level. Here are the best social media marketing tools you will find:

1. Buffer

Greg Allen runs the marketing for True Medspa Center and also for Total Paving and notes “A buffer is a tool that allows you to schedule posts on your social media accounts. What’s good about this tool is that it can help you grow a larger audience and keep the followers interested in what you have going on with your brand. Also, you can add team members and manage multiple social media platforms with a buffer. This tool is easy to use and has an affordable plan.”

2. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is a tool that allows businesses like Witkowski Dental and Bodytech Total Fitness to schedule their posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google. With this tool, you can share your content with one click and, at the same time, keep a record of all the content you are sharing online. Edgar will also help you choose the most engaging times for posting your content so that people will see it at the right time for maximum visibility.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a tool that allows businesses like Gift Check Program to schedule, organize and share content across all of their social media profiles. Some features include posting all of your updates in one stream, sending out scheduled tweets and using different templates for specific accounts. With this tool, you can work with people with multiple social media accounts and have them all tracked in one place.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a tool that allows you to create public and private social profiles for your business. This can be helpful for the people who work for you or want to understand the brand better. With this tool, you can monitor your clients and their activity on social media. You can also see how many likes and shares your content has gained, helping your market to see what content they have been sharing online.

5. Biteable

Biteable is a tool that allows you to embed your posts on social media websites. With this, you can share your content with anyone and everyone, helping to increase traffic, find new followers and increase profits. Also, Biteable is simple to use and is available on all the major social media platforms.

6. Sumo Me

SumoMe is a tool that allows you to boost your website’s traffic, increase your reputation and grow an active community of social media users. You can use SumoMe to improve your content, gain new followers and get found on search engines. This tool will help you target the social media platforms with the highest traffic and most influential people online. SumoMe also has analytics, so you know how many people on each social platform engage with your brand.


Social media is the way to go for more traffic. With these social media marketing tools, you can reach the amount of traffic you want in no time. Most of these social media marketing tools offer a free trial, leaving you with nothing more than to give it a whirl.